About us

A young and dynamic 'Made in Italy' story

The constant search for innovation as a strategy to create spaces of competitiveness in the market, that' s the story of Marlanvil in a nutshell. A company manufacturing electrical and illuminating engineering products which, Throughout its almost 30 years history, has been able to develop an enviable technological know-how that now places it at the top of its specific field, for its innovating product oriented effort and the dynamism in the pursuing of market needs. Dynamism is well-represented by sisters Daniela and Barbara Daluiso, at the helm of the company since 2002, after the loss of their father and founder of Marlanvil, Salvatore Daluiso.

Marlanvil is operating in both the international and the Italian market as a significant and competitive Italian plant. It manufactures domestic, industrial and tertiary products. 

Our Belief

To innovate means to Grow

We are convinced that distinguishing from the mass is what presupposes the willing to know that pushes the most attentive persons, and that we can produce directly in the world offering, this way, the added quality of the Italian style. We also believe that each product has to represent the best technical and qualitative expression without any added cost. We believe at last, that your freedom to choose has to be infinitive.

Our Trademark

Red and blue, positive and negative

The twofold chromatic polarity makes us think of electrical polarity, evoking , at a time, other fertile polar extremes: warm-cold, male-female, yin-yang.
A strong dynamic sign passes through: the electromagnetic wave recalling our specific field, as well as our sensible and flexible methodology, our agile organisation and market's penetration.

The Production

All-round organisation

From the project to the packaged product, Marlanvil takes care directly of the entire process with a constant monitoring. Production cycle supervision and control by computerized management system. Agile, market minded management. Propositional and reliable business partnership. Investments and strong involvement in research. In our R&D department, technicians and designers are constantly studying innovative solutions.

Quality and Development

The value added of Italian style

Technical knowledge and design get along well together in Marlanvil. A constant product development doesn't simply mean increasing the efficiency, it is also an aesthetic improvement to make the product even more attractive and suitable for the ambiance it is going to be set in. In each Marlanvil product, shape and function are a one thing, able to express its excellence through a totally Italian style.