QuBe range

QuBe, What It Takes to personalise your environment

Qube range cover plates were inspired by nature from which we captured colours and finishes. A new range of modular devices fresh in the shape and concept. Sharp and slender lines, unique colors for an impressive result in every environment. Designed to fit all main modular ranges, they are as versatile as your wish for uniqueness.

Qube meets Qzero

A 'flush to the wall' world

Thanks to the experience acquired with Qzero's consumer units, bypass, and lighting ‘flush to the wall’ systems, it is now possible to perfectly wall-in QuBe cover plates as well.

QuBe varnished cover plates

New range, colours and finishing

The research of our technicians directed towards the innovative shades and finishes of plastic materials and, as a result, a plastic cover plates range is born, having the perfect scenographic look of glass, wood or metal.
Design that marries convenience.

QuBe at your doorstep

The value added of Italian style

Find out how QuBe might change your home in a moment.
Ideas and solutions for a new style, yours.