Qzero range

Qzero, a 'Flush to the Wall' world

Qzero, a true revolution in installation for energy distribution, bypass and lighting. A Zero visual impact solution. Qzero system consists in a range of devices characterized by the perfect planarity with the wall they have to be placed in:

  • Modular flush mounting enclosures
    Perfect for domotic systems and power engineering, as well as to hide plumbing and heating systems. The spring cover helps adjusting up to 2,5cm thick, making the enclosures ideal to fit tiles or stone coverings.
  • Indoor and outdoor flush mounting consumer units
    From 12 up to infinite modular combinations. Cover can be painted the same colour as the wall and 'disappear', or become an exclusive decor element by choosing between 9 different available finishes.
  • Indoor and outdoor flush mounting lighting and signalling devices
    Thought to house every light source (LED, energy saving, fluorescence etc...). The system's trait-d'union is the high protection standard (IP65) and the possibility to assemble the different modules according to the needs, thus creating an unmistakable, always distinguishing result.

With Qzero, Marlanvil offers an unparalleled opportunity to place the elements without interfering with the atmosphere of each environment.

Qzero flush mounting Boxes

A Zero Visual Impact solution

Products being able to harmoniously interact with each others, as to create a "system" to solve those problems having to do with energy distribution and control, are a result of our installation knowledge. More than this, our products cope with the aesthetic impact of the setting in a successful way.

Qzero Lighting

Light and signalling devices propose a unique and innovative design through Qzero Lite

The simple and clean shape disappears into the wall to give every environment a little magic. The access to the lamp is simple and safe and Qzero items fit all main light sources in order to provide an efficient and design-made lighting solution.

Qzero Plasterboard

Technique and design for brand new Solutions

For the new domestic and industrial premises, which, always more, foresee the use of plasterboard, but also for light walls, panels and laminates, a new highly technical design-made consumer unit is just born.